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Pop Literacy

May 20, 2019

This week ABC airs a throwback stunt that thrills us TV history nerds: On Wednesday May 22, star-filled casts will perform old All in the Family and The Jeffersons episodes, live in front of a studio audience. On this week’s Pop Literacy, we break down all the reasons we’re excited: the high-wire act of live TV, the fact that these aren’t just more reboots, and the stellar casts. (Jamie Foxx and Wanda Sykes as George and Weezy! Woody Harrelson and Marisa Tomei as Archie and Edith! And so many others.) We also walk you through what you need to know about both shows, why they were so important to the 1970s, and why they’ll be resonant—and very interesting—to revisit today.