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Pop Literacy

May 13, 2019

To cord cut or not to cord cut; that is the question. Or rather, one of the many questions that overwhelm TV watchers, as the amount of television programming, and the number of ways to watch it, continue to multiply at a faster and faster pace. Do we replace our cable with a streaming service and a live TV option, plus several other streaming sites? Do we stick with cable and resign ourselves to at least half a dozen streaming subscriptions each month? What happens when Disney and Apple launch their streaming packages later this year? Can any of us resist the lure of the Disney movie vault, plus all the Star Wars movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and 30 seasons of The Simpsons, for a mere $6.99?
To help us suss out the best options, and the questions to ask ourselves while trying to figure out the entertainment so plentiful that it causes us anxiety, we turned to streaming TV and online video expert Dan Rayburn, whose insights and tips not only shed light on how everyone can make the best choices for their personal viewing pleasures, but also got us thinking we might all want to consider purchasing some Disney stock.